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Deathmatch – Finish Update (21/07/14) – 7 pages

Posted in Comics, Mature Work (only for +18), My Work on July 21, 2014 by RDR


These are the last 7 pages of this comic, I hope you liked it

Deathmatch – Full Comic

Posted in Comics, Mature Work (only for +18), My Work on March 1, 2014 by RDR

OK . It is time to start posting my last comic,This story has an approximate total of 50 pictures and will be published weekly or biweekly in this blog for free of course ,the  comments and the critics are always welcome

I hope you enjoy….


The Paula Life – Final Update

Posted in Comics, My Work on May 18, 2013 by RDR

Ok,  finally I  finished my first story illustrated, these are the last 4 pages, the final vercion is in the process of correction of the english text and is corrected until page 9…

You can find the complete storie with the corrected text to the page 9  here

The Paula Life

Posted in Comics, My Work on March 28, 2013 by RDR

Ok I’ll tell him to start posting a little illustrated story (16 or 17 pages)  that I have complete  while originally was hoping it could be published somewhere “Important” (Lhart,  Amysconquest,  Badgirls etc …) not for the money, I gave it free ,  only for the satisfaction of seeing something done for me in one of those place that I always admired, but the truth is that they did not have much interest, so I will be publishing here (my first story of this kind so please do not be highly demanding)

What I’m going to ask are two favors:
As I am not a written and my English is very basic , I will go up first the pages “to review” especially those written in English, if someone wants to mark me any error or improve in what is written in any page in any time , I will accept it with pleasure (in fact I would like you act as reviewers, in English and Spanish too…).

The other favor I ask is pretty simple, I’ve seen my images published in many places (in some cases with my permission and in other not…) I do this as a hobby and not for money, so I will not make any problems because someone publish my pictures without my permission, but in this case , I would ask , if you can , to publish the link to my blog entry  and no the single images, so that more people who can help with the translation into English

I hope you enjoy….

UPDATE (26/4/2013)

The pages 1, 2, 3 4,5 and 6  have been corrected and updated (vercion final) with the help of a reader (who did not put his name on the form unfortunately…)  I want to say THANK YOU  for taking the time to help with the correcion in English , I really apreciate your help man,I would like to know your name to thank you more appropriately

UPDATE (16/5/2013)

I Upload the finals page 7 , 8  and 9 with the corrections in the dialogues, thanks to who is helping me with the dialogues in English

UPDATE (19/5/2013)

I finish and publish the lasts frames of the story, English vercion are corrected until page 9, if you want you can help me with revicion Text from page 10 and above, I would greatly appreciate it.

I hope you find they liked, the story is an adaptation of a story I read in Spanish here:

My  blog statistics all display every frame has been clicked more than 15,000 times (and count…) to date which is a real surprise that I’m glad you liked it so much


English Vercion (to review)

Vercion en español ( a revisar)


Becky Biceps Carnival

Posted in Comics, Drawings, female muscle on April 9, 2012 by RDR

Annie Ample – Yard

Posted in Comics, Drawings, Female Muscle Artists on February 11, 2012 by RDR

Breast Expansion

Posted in Comics, Drawings, female muscle on January 19, 2012 by RDR

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